Raising awareness around child sexual exploitation

Devon and Cornwall Police has collaborated with the Solomon Drama Group and schools across the region to provide education around child sexual exploitation.

The Solomon Group recently presented a short play and workshop to Year 9 and 10 pupils in 20 Devon and Cornwall schools.

‘Skin Deep’ tells the powerful and moving story of two teenage girls who are attracted to boys from rival gangs. As events unfold, their relationships become increasingly affected by misunderstandings, jealousy, possessiveness and eventually hatred and intimidation.

Betrayal and fear lead to a dramatic and violent finale. Themes covered include child sexual exploitation, gang culture, abuse, online grooming and personal safety.

Following the play, the drama group ran an interactive workshop with students who were encouraged to voice their opinions about the play, ask questions and express any concerns they had about issues raised.

This format has proven to be very effective in engaging young people and providing useful information to them in a way that resonates with them, enabling them to retain the information and learn important lessons at the same time.

All schools have safeguarding officers who are available to deal with any issues or concerns raised by pupils privately if need be.