July 6, 2016

PREVENT Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

1. A fully binding contract exists between PREVENT and you, the client, from the time a staff member of PREVENT telephones to agree the client’s order and details of any copy, company logos or text that are to appear in the over named publication. These calls may be recorded to ensure that the details are correct and that you the client understand the size and cost of your insert.

2. A suggested proof copy of artwork will be supplied to the client for approval and/or amendments in the discussed publication either by e-mail and/or hard copy. Please notify us of any amendments within 30 days of receiving your proof. If we receive no correspondence, all artwork will be deemed correct and ready to print.

3. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that the contents of their insert are true and not in breach of any legislation and the client agrees to indemnify PREVENT against any action brought against PREVENT by a third party as a result of the content of their insert in the above named publication.

4. The client warrants to PREVENT that it will be able to fulfil any promise made in the insert, and that any goods supplied thereafter or service to be rendered will comply with any statute relating to the same.

5. PREVENT will not pass on to any third party, any confidential information that has been used in the process of creating a suggested proof of artwork.

6. The positioning of all editorial and inserts are the responsibility of PREVENT and not the client. The client can enquire as to the availability of a preferred position within the above named publication at the time of confirmation.

7. Should the invoice remain unpaid at the time of print of the agreed publication, PREVENT reserves the right to transfer the outstanding order to the next available publication due for print.

8. The contractual sum due to PREVENT includes both ‘service’ – this being the digital creation of print-ready artwork for amendments and/or approval, and ‘goods’ – this being thereafter the finished artwork file, the physical printing and distribution of your advertisement, and a copy of the named publication.

9. The client may be released from this contract at the client’s request made no later than 14 days after the date of the invoice, in accordance with UK Consumer Contracts Regulations. Cancellations received within the allotted 14 days will incur no fees. PREVENT may, at it’s own discretion, release the client from the contract after the allotted 14 day period, but cancellations received after the allotted 14 days will incur a 30% cancellation fee to cover administrative costs.

10. PREVENT does not consider the non-return of any paperwork or e-mail of any requested information in respect of an order as a cancellation, and the client would be eligible for the full cost of the insert.

11. Every sponsor who has an entry in this publication will receive a complimentary copy. If you require extra copies, please call us as soon as possible.

12. The Laws of England and Wales shall cover this agreement.