Family’s anguish over “devastating” effects of knife crime

The grieving family of murder victim Sean Annandale have voiced concern over knife crime. They talked about the “devastating” effect of using knives as weapons following the murder of their 22-year-old son in Golcar last summer.

They and detectives spoke out after a judge sentenced killer Jamal Buckle to at least 13 years behind bars.

He had denied murdering 22-year-old Mr Annandale in Elmfield Avenue, Golcar, but was found guilty by a jury after just three hours of deliberation. Buckle was just 17 at the time he attacked Mr Annandale.

In a statement, Sean’s family, said: “We are pleased that justice has now been done but the reality for us is that nothing will bring our son back. Another family has also now lost their son to a long sentence in prison. This has all come about because of the use of a knife and should serve as a warning of the terrible, devastating effect of knife crime.”

Det Chief Insp Mark Swift, of West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said: “This case demonstrates the very real consequences of using a knife or other bladed weapon.

“Buckle made a fatal decision that night when he picked up the knife and now at just 18-years-old, faces a significant part of his young adult life behind bars. We hope the custodial sentence that has been handed down provides some closure for Sean Annandale’s family who continue to suffer the loss of their much-loved son. Following sentence, we would like to take the opportunity to thank members of the community for their co-operation throughout this investigation.”